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This project is now primarily funded by the community! The Beauharnois server is hosted by Josh and will remain as a chat only server.

03/29/2017 - In addition to moving Dallas to a dedicated server, we now have Chicago and Seattle on dedicated servers. Please note that our services should now run much more smoothly, however our new yearly cost has tripled. Enjoy!

Current Servers - (semi-dedicated, chat) - Los Angeles, California - (dedicated, war) - Chicago, Illinois - (dedicated, war) - Dallas, Texas - (dedicated, dev) - Seattle, Washington, USA - (dedicated, war) - Seattle, Washington, USA

Bug Tracking - Please provide packet logs where possible


Paypal Donations
Raised thus far $1,200+ with a projected yearly goal of $2,220+, not counting currently donated services provided by John.

Current Staff

Community Contributors

Current Server MOTD
Broadcast: ======= Welcome to Project init 6 =======
Broadcast: Build Number: 217
Broadcast: Build Hash: 2da333ed16c6984979f97fbc2d2256fc47769e03
Broadcast: Written by: l2k-Shadow
Broadcast: Hosted by: PHANT0M
Broadcast: 4 PUBLIC SERVERS ON PORTS 6112 OR 64999
Broadcast: - Montreal
Broadcast: - Seattle
Broadcast: - Chicago
Broadcast: - Dallas
Broadcast: NEW PROTOCOL GreetBot:
Broadcast: BUG REPORTS:
Broadcast: ~ Filip (l2k-Shadow)

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